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Start My Mental Game Package

The Start My Mental Game Package contains scientifically-backed AthleteDISC Assessment and My Mental Game’s mental fitness training program. You as an athlete will learn to handle the common adversities of sport, including:

  • Comparison to others
  • Intense self-criticism
  • Feeling underutilized (competition in roles)
  • Pressure for rapid results
  • Emotional challenges of high stakes situations
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The best athletes are always improving

Although you may be an exceptional athlete at your current level, in the upcoming months and years you’ll face some of the most talented athletes in the country and the world. Adversity is inevitable.  Don’t let it defeat you. 

Improve the mental side of your game. Use our scientifically-backed AthleteDISC Assessment paired with a personalized mental training program. By understanding who you truly are as an athlete, you can develop greater resilience, greater confidence, and take meaningful steps towards achieving your dream.

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Be a more supportive parent

Since your young athlete began pursuing their athletic dreams, you have been their biggest advocate. As they face the demanding transition to elite-level sports, your support is more crucial than ever.

Our quick and affordable AthleteDISC Assessment will provide you with valuable insights into how to communicate with your athlete, effectively address any challenges they may encounter, and enhance your ability to support their dream.

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