What you get when you Start My Mental Game

My Mental Game offers an online mental performance program for elite athletes. The Start My Mental Game package has three parts:

#1 Your AthleteDISC Mental Fitness Assessment

#2 Your AthleteDISC Profile Report

#3 The My Mental Game Program

Equipment, physical training, travel teams and tuition fees will not make your mind stronger to overcome adversity. Develop the mental fitness to make the most out of your one experience as an elite athlete.

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Mental Fitness Assessment

What would you do if you consistently failed to get the results you wanted? You would try to figure out the answers to the question ‘what must I do?’. If your mindset is holding you back, you must start with understanding your mindset.

When you start My Mental Game, you begin with a 32 question multiple-choice assessment of your behavior in your sports environment. The AthleteDISC Assessment takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

This assessment will serve as the baseline for who you are and what your mental game is like.

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Your Profile Report

It might seem wrong to assume that the answers to your performance or personal problems can be solved with a bunch of questions. The questions alone will solve nothing. BUT they will point you to factors that are affecting your performance, happiness, health, and relationships.

Your AthleteDISC Profile Report will help you understand:

  • what motivates (and demotivates) you
  • how you best communicate
  • what you are like in times of stress
  • the strengths and weaknesses in your mental game
  • the common pitfalls you are likely to face (what will make you fail)
  • insights into how to move past these mistakes you might already be making

The sooner you figure yourself out, the better. Your comprehensive AthleteDISC Profile Report gives you the information you need to start building a strong mental game.

What will YOUR AthleteDISC reveal about YOU?

Download a sample report here.

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Exercises for Mental Fitness

Most mental performance work fails for one reason: it never makes it from the computer screen or phone call into your real life.

At My Mental Game, we give you exercises that help you reflect on what you’ve learned from your AthleteDISC in your real life. Our exercises are based on behavioral science. They are designed to help you improve for good.

Each exercise tackles a topic essential to elite mental fitness and sport performance. Here are some of the key topics:

  1. Being aware of your tendencies
  2. Knowing strengths and weaknesses
  3. Understanding blindspots (weaknesses you don’t yet know about)
  4. Thinking critically about your game plan
  5. Becoming resilient to negative emotion and short-sighted thinking
  6. Creating a skill that solves a problem

Plus, we have created numerous bonus exercises to overcome emotional obstacles, set your daily mindset for success, embrace a positive attitude, and much more. Every resource you need to dial in your process is here at My Mental Game.

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Athletes: If you're ready, let's start

WHAT ADVERSITY WILL YOU NEED TO OVERCOME?  Everyone faces adversity: a slump, injury, not playing enough, or bad relationships.  If you want to excel at your spot for longer, build the level of mental fitness required to overcome it.