Don’t let a single athlete fall to the pressure

Your talent is your biggest priority (even your difficult talent). And you cannot unlock all of it alone. It will take both expertise and effort.

Do you have time to help each player understand their next step in their personal development? Many athletes don’t know what is holding them back. Some athletes are hard to reach even if you know what will help them.  My Mental Game helps athletes rise up to challenges with proven methods for developing mentally strong people. 


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Problems facing today’s athletes

What hurts the today’s athlete from a mental & emotional point of view? 

  • the sports world valuing fame & attention (in the social media era)
  • exposure to the scope of the competition online means players are often overly critical/pessimistic about their abilities
  • playing for highlights rather for excellence
  • having too much noise and not enough signal (so many people giving advice)

Mentally strong athletes overcome the challenges. But they cannot do it alone. The challenges are unprecedented. Your players need tools and support. The answer for each player is different.

With My Mental Game, you can find out about your players so that they can develop into strong people. 

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Avoid the big problem

If sports aren’t going well, that should not derail a young person in the rest of their life. But many players base their self-worth on how well they perform. What are the consequences of an identity tied up with success, status, or progress in sports?

  • individualistic behavior
  • constant comparison to others
  • emotional instability
  • unnecessary conflict within the team (instead of healthy competition).

We teach athletes to live and play authentically using the AthleteDISC. The message is simple, bring your unique value to the team and never worry about opportunity or results again. Your athletes can simply enjoy the progress they make playing their sport. 

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How do we develop players?

Our approach combines behavioral psychology, mental fitness, and philosophy for sport into an intuitive approach to learning how to improve at the ‘intangibles’. We help players map out success and explore the best way to get there in 6 week cycles that orient them towards a personalized mental fitness goal. Our program also:

  • Gives feedback to address strengths and weaknesses of each player
  • Teaches fundamental skills for being a good teammate
  • Helps players feel empowered to solve problems
  • Teaches critical thinking skills (helping players overcome emotional roadblocks)
  • Maximizes already existing performance strengths
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What makes My Mental Game unique?

Our approach is personalized to each player. Each player’s development is tailored to their behavioral tendencies, after using the AthleteDISC to measure their mental fitness. Our exercises help athletes integrate their learning to meet their mental fitness goals in their real life. In the end, they can face anything that they knew (or didn’t know) was holding them back from being the best version of themselves.