New Athletes!

We recommend that you start the assessment on your computer (not smartphone). Afterwards, you can access your My Mental Game account from your computer on smartphone. Here are the simple steps to get started:

1. Go to this page and use your personal promo code (if your team has purchased your assessment, you will find this in your email). Add your personal information (use an email that you regularly use).

2. Click ‘Place Order’ once all your info is included. You will be taken to your AthleteDISC Assessment immediately.

3. Read the on screen instructions and answer the questions thinking about yourself as an athlete. It will take 15 minutes. (Pro-tip: hover your mouse over any word to see more about what it means)

4. Make sure to press submit. This will create your profile and My Mental Game account information. Both will be emailed to you.

5. You get your account! You can use your account to access each of the exercises. The exercises are meant to be independent, so poke around and see what catches your curiosity.

If you are part of a team program, you can wait for further instructions on the exercises. In the meantime, take a look at pages 15-17 of your AthleteDISC report to get familiar with your scores.